The University is proud to be thoroughly Mexican and, at the same time, to emphasize its orientation to international education. UAG has some of the best educational facilities in the country, covering an area of more than 10 million square feet, distributed in 5 campuses in the area of Guadalajara city: Main Campus (C.U.), the Institute of Biological Sciences, the Health Sciences Campus, and the University in the Community (UNICO). The UAG also owns other campuses in the states of Colima, Nayarit and Tabasco. In addition, the UAG has two hospitals, one Experimental Agricultural Center and three university hotels and convention centers.

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara has always been distinguished among Mexican universities by its long and fruitful participation in international education initiatives, which are coordinated and supported by its International Programs Office (DPI), which is the main link between the UAG and many international institutions worldwide.

Throughout its history, the UAG has preserved its Mexican roots and cultural values, while, it is also recognized both at home and abroad as an internationalized university. UAG has graduated tens of thousands of foreign students all through the eighty years of its existence.

The School of Medicine is an institution engaged in the training and formation of physicians whose main goal is to improve community health through the following:

  • Providing medical education
  • Discovering and adapting medical knowledge
  • Providing health care services in the clinical fields of learning
  • Developing a positive attitude towards the protection and preservation of the environment.
  • Educating future physicians in an integral way according to the UAG principles, beliefs and values.

Mission: Training medical students in an environment which encourages the quest for academic excellence based on national and international standards to achieve their competent professional development for their own benefit and that of the community.

Vision: To be nationally and internationally recognized for the high competency of our graduates.

General Objective: The program objective of their studies is to train physicians and to provide them with an excellent medical background to promote quality healthcare through prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses of individuals, families and through the community. We seek to ensure that our graduates have the necessary professional competency to provide comprehensive healthcare with scientific fundamentals while providing them the opportunity to continue with their graduate and research studies, with constant update courses to keep up with progress in the medical field.

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