Institutional Scholarship Renewal.

Scholarship Recipients must complete an application each semester in order to review and renew the Institutional Scholarship.

Eligibility and requirements

  • Institutional Scholarship renewal application
  • Proof of UAG registration
  • Final or partial UAG GPA 8.5 or grater
  • No holdings on your academic and financial records
  • A demonstration of strong extracurricular involvement, particularly in community service and UAG leadership.
  • Ethical and professional behavior demonstrating excellence, integrity, respect, compassion, accountability, and a commitment as a UAG student.

The application must be sent to the International Students Affairs Office (address listed below)

Attn. UAG Institutional Scholarships

Rectoría Building, Suite 107
Av. Patria 1201 Lomas del Valle, 3a. Sección,
Guadalajara, Jalisco, C.P. 44100


Award notification

Entrance Class

By June 30 th

July 1 st

Fall (late July of the current year)

By November 30 th

December 1 st

Spring (early January of the following year)



After receiving and reviewing the renewal application, the committee will evaluate and consult the candidate’s files.

The scholarship committee will decide based on your application, documents and school reports; a written notification will be send via mail.

  • A personal interview may be requested of renewal applicants.
  • All scholarship awards are subject to academic and financial verification.
  • Scholarships will be awarded prior to the start of each semester.

All recipients must qualify each year by completing the UAG School of Medicine Institutional Scholarships renewal application and meet the academic and financial standards.

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