Students Associations are a vital component of a successful medical school life.


The North American Students Association is the student body representative for all United States, Puerto Rico and Canada students at the UAG School of Medicine. Today, NASA is stronger and better prepared to serve as a source for support and information for both North American and Puerto Rican medical students.

Founded in 1971, one of NASA’s primary goals is to ensure the integration of North American and Puerto Rican students into the health care system of their respective homelands. NASA further serves to ensure student awareness of activities and student-life related information.

To better serve our constituents, NASA has developed some proposed ideas, that when implemented, will further assist students at UAG. With the support of the UAG administration, NASA can continue its commitment to helping its constituents achieve their goals at UAG.

UAG AMSA International Chapter

UAG students have a forum in these international chapters, to distribute information about medical education, licensure, and practice, and to represent the needs and interests of international students through an active voice within the largest association of American medical students

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