Leave of Absence/Withdrawal

In order to officially withdraw (temporally or definitively) from school it is necessary for a student to complete a form that is available only at the International Students' Affairs Office (ISAO) in Guadalajara.

The official date of withdrawal is when the form is signed by the Director of the International Students' Affairs Office in Guadalajara.

Re-Admission may be possible under UAG policies.

Students may apply for a leave of absence, if they intend to be away from the University for a full semester. This will change your tuition if you leave for two semesters. There is not partial leave of absence.

The student is responsible for ensuring that the completed withdrawal or leave of absence form, seals and signatures are in order.


For more information please contact: International Student Affairs Office (ISAO) in Guadalajara

Tel. (011.52) (33)

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