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Program of Medicine in the Community One of the major programs that differentiate it from other medical schools is our Program of Medicine in the Community.

Established in the early 1970s, the comprehensive program provides an excellent venue for providing health care services to medically underserved areas. As a wonderful bonus, this program helps students develop and sharpen their clinical skills.

Medical services are provided from both permanent neighborhood clinics and mobile units. Each medical student is assigned a period of instruction – a “rotation” – in the PMC from the very first semester.

During their four- to six -week assignment, students begin to develop physician-patient relationships under the supervision of their professors/physicians. Students assist in performing H&Ps (history and physical), teaching preventive medicine to patients and learning how to diagnose and treat the variety of conditions which they will encounter. In addition to the clinical learning opportunities, the PMC students have the opportunity to explore the environments in which patients live – the almost forgotten “house call”.

PMC Award

PMC AwardThe Program of Medicine in the Community (PMC) of the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine has received awards such as the Special National Award for service in the community. Vicente Fox Quesada former President of México, and his wife, Martha Sahagún, presented the award at the National Volunteer Awards 2002 at the official residency of the Mexican President, Los Pinos.

The PMC received the award in recognition of the immense impact that this program provides in medical service to urban and rural areas in México.

Former President, Vicente Fox stated that the program has surpassed the goals of the academic requirements by attracting volunteers to the clinics and most importantly by providing physicians to the community.

The PMC was formed in 1973 and is focused in providing healthcare to communities in urban and rural areas that do not have access to health services.

At the present time there are 15 community clinics that the program serves. The School of Medicine students rotate through these clinics beginning in their first semester. It provides excellent opportunities for hands-on with Spanish-speaking patients. Students attending the Medical Spanish Course also participate in this program.

Program of Medicine in the Community

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