Welcome UAG School of Medicine Class 2021

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The 2021 class was received in the UAG main campus with a welcome message from the President of UAG, Antonio Leaño Reyes. “This group of students is part of the International Medicine Program which has graduated more than 15 thousand doctors from the United States and Puerto Rico, and is also part of the more than 60 thousand doctors who have graduated from UAG School of Medicine.”

“Our home is now their home and we are here to help them achieve their dreams. They are now part of what we call the autonomous university’s family. We understand that they have made sacrifices for studying abroad, far from what they know and for that, we congratulate them and welcome them”, commented Antonio Leaño Reyes UAG President.

He added that at 82 years of foundation, the mission of the university seeks and continues to provide comprehensive training and values to young people so that they provide innovation, ethical, professional treatment, and share their knowledge with society.

The attendees continued orientation day with the presentation of various authorities and departments that make up the house of studies, they spoke about the history of UAG, the services offered by the institution and the courses offered. In addition, they received information from institutions such as the National Migration Service and the North American Consulate.

To finish the day, the traditional Imposition of white coats was carried out, and the group of new students took the Hippocratic Oath. They were reminded that the white coat is an icon of the medical profession worldwide that commits them to society and to themselves and their families. This event will continue throughout t he week and end with the traditional Welcome Picnic in the facilities of the Institute

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