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UAG is proud to have an Immigration Department which serves as a valuable liaison between students and the Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM), which is the government agency that regulates the immigration status of all foreigners while in Mexico.

While the Immigration Department at UAG is a facilitator between students and the Immigration Department in México, it is up to the students to ensure their immigration status is current and correct while they are studying at UAG. To guarantee avoiding fines and loss of valuable time, the Immigration Department requires the full cooperation of each student.

The Mexican Immigration Department requires that all Non-Mexican applicants request a student VISA.

Temporary Student Visa

It is necessary that the student acquires his/her student VISA (VISA de Etiqueta/Residente Temporal Estudiante) through any Mexican Consulate office in their country prior to arriving to Guadalajara.

Requirements on obtaining a Student Visa can vary from one Mexican Consulate to another; however, most Consulates will require an Original Economic Solvency Letter and Original Letter of Acceptance. In hopes of making the process easier, we are providing the following guidelines:

  • Contact your local Mexican Consulate ahead of time to obtain all the requirements for a Student Visa.
  • Ask if you have to provide original documents.
  • If you need to obtain an Original Economic Solvency Letter, contact our San Antonio Office. You will need to complete all your financial aid documentation and then submit a written request to (Copy of the letter will be sent to you via e-mail).
  • Schedule an appointment with the Mexican Consulate.

This VISA should be attached to your passport indicating validity for 180 days.

Entering México

Once you arrive in the México, officers from Immigration and Customs will review your documents at the port of entry before they allow you to enter the country.

Have the following documents ready for the Immigration and Customs to review:

  • Valid passport
  • Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM)
  • Customs Declaration form
Immigration Check Point

Forma Migratoria Multiple(FMM) – This is a card that will be given to you on your flight to México or you may obtain an E-Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMME). Please complete this card and give it to the Immigration Officer at the Immigration check point.

You will be required to go through Immigration to have your documents reviewed, it is very important that you show to the agent your sticker VISA.

The officer will stamp the FMM card and will note your visa type and duration of stay; Students should ensure that the date of entry stamped on the form is correct and that you have been documented as a student (NOT TOURIST) and it has been marked in your FMM with CANJE in 30 days.

Verify the officer wrote the correct visa status in your FMM before leaving the officer’s work station.

Customs Check Point

Customs Declaration form – This is a card that will be given to you on your flight to México or you may obtain it electronically here. Please complete this card and give it to the Custom Officer during the customs inspection point.

Obtaining Your Student Visa Card

You must be keep your FMM in good condition and in a safe place, as it will be required for all your immigration processing. Remember that you will have a period of 30 days after you enter the country to begin the process to obtain a student visa card.

Please approach to the UAG Immigration Department during orientation to learn about the process and the documents needed.

It is important that you maintain a valid passport from your country of origin and should be valid for a minimum of 4 years. The Mexican government will not accept entry permits or “blank passports”.

Failure to comply with the terms provided by the Mexican Government for immigration procedures could result in fines and/or cancellation of your immigration status and you will have to leave the country.

Traveling with Pets

Before you travel, your must check with your veterinary and obtain a health certificate and proof of vaccines.

On arrival at the port of entry (land, sea or air), take your pet(s) to the zoo sanitary kiosk (look for the acronym SAGARPA/SENSAICA, which is the Ministry responsible for this process) at the port of entry and present the documentation to facilitate your pet’s entry into Mexico

Airlines may have separate and additional requirements. Check with your airline to determine what requirements they may have, if any.

Vehicle Importation

If you are planning to take your car, take into consideration the cost and regulations for a Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit.

Student Orientation is mandatory for all new students. Essential information will be provided.

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