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Visiting Professor Program

UAG School of Medicine has been enhancing student’s education through the Visiting Professors Program.

As a graduate, you are invited to return to your Alma Mater to lecture and teach students in your specialty. Below are the requisites needed to participate:

  1. Be an assistant professor, associate professor, or a professor at a school of medicine.
  2. Teach basic sciences or clinical sciences.
  3. If the professor teaches clinical sciences, the clerkships or electives must be taught at a teaching hospital.
  4. The professor can have resume enriched with scientific or educational work of investigation.

Please send your Curriculum Vitae along with the topic or subject area you would like to teach to The School of Medicine will contact you directly and advise the dates available for your specific topic. Specifics on your travel arrangements will be given at that time.

It is always an honor to have you return to your Alma Mater.

Guest Speaker

We encourage our graduates to participate in the different speaking engagements held on and off campus.

Orientation and White Coat Ceremony

Orientation is held twice a year, usually in January and August. Graduates arrive on Saturday to take in the sites in Guadalajara.

On Monday, Orientation Day, graduates help welcome the new students of the UAG International Medical Program and share their experiences and give helpful advice on attending Medical School and life after UAG. Graduates are also asked to assist in the White Coat Ceremony which is on wherein students vow to tend to their patients with honor, humanism, and quality always having the patient’s best interests at heart.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation activities begin on Thursday evening with the NASA cocktail with students, family and faculty. The actual graduation ceremony is on Friday morning. During the graduation ceremony our graduate speaker will join the entrance procession and then address the graduating class with words of encouragement and advice. Our Graduates also participate in handing out the diplomas.

Alumni Mentoring Program

Alumni Mentor Program connects UAG Students with a UAG Graduate who provides their wisdom and shares their expertise.

The Mentoring Program

  • Builds relationships between the business and educational worlds
  • Enhances the workplace
  • Makes a difference in the community

For Mentors and Students

  • Assistance in the transition from school to the world of work
  • Personal growth through sharing ideas and information
  • Developing a better appreciation for your work and career
  • Supporting your alma mater
  • Valuable guidance, advice, and support
  • Networking potential for job shadowing and internship opportunities
  • Developing professionalism and self-confidence

The Mentoring Relationship is based on a willingness to learn and share; mutual trust and respect; and encouragement. Mentors and students connect by participating in discussions on career exploration and job skills.

The Graduate Link-Up Program

The Graduate Link- up is one of our most requested services through the Alumni Association.

Advisors and potential students always request a list of graduates in their area. They like the opportunity to email or to speak with our UAG graduates first hand.

Your participation in this program is welcomed and necessary. To participate, please send us your information through the Alumni Association email or call (800) 319-9996 Alumni line.

Thank you for your participation in this very valuable program.

Career Opportunities

One of the goals of the UAG Alumni Association is to assist our graduates in the transition from medical student to practicing physician.

If you know of any Residency positions, Fellowships or career opportunities that you would like to share with one of your UAG alumnus please contact us to place it in this site.

Below you will find various career opportunities.

UAG Tour

Are you visiting Guadalajara and interested in making a tour through UAG campus?

Tours are available Monday to Friday starting at 9:00 am. The tour starts at “Ciencias Basicas” and finishes at Hospital Angel Leaño.

If you want to schedule a tour please contact or call (800) 319-9996 Alumni line.

Hotel Discounts in Guadalajara

As Alumni you are granted with special discounts in Hotels. Contact us at or call (800) 319-9996 Alumni line.

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