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Dr. Myers R. Hurt

Dr. Hurt Is A Board Certified Family Practice Provider And A Board Certified Integrative Holistic Medicine Provider, Fluent In Spanish.

Dr. Hurt is a native of Odessa Texas, but his father, who deals in bank insurance for the FDIC, moved the family around a lot.

“I’ve lived in Boston, San Mateo, California, Dallas, New Zealand, New York City and Mexico, but Texas is home,” Myers said. “Most of my family now lives in Dallas, and my wife’s family lives around the region.”

Hurt said while his grandfather was a pharmacist, there was no background in medicine in the family. His own curiosity and drive to problem-solve led him to earn a degree in biomedical engineering from Boston University; His parents then convinced him to broaden his options by going back to medical school.

Because he wanted to eventually settle and work in Texas, Hurt, who is fluent in Spanish, chose to enter undergraduate medical training at Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Mexico, completing his training at New York Medical College in Westchester, New York. He did his residency in family medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston; after serving as chief resident of the department, he was hired as an assistant professor for the same institution.

Hurt also has seen duty at clinics in Bridgeport and Frisco and was a general practitioner at Opunake Medical Center in New Zealand for a year.

He met his wife, Ragan Hurt, a physician’s assistant, in Galveston and they have been married for five years. They married in Mexico, honeymooned in Ireland, lived in New Zealand and traveled through Asia for three months. “Travel was important in my family, I carried that over into my adult life when I started making my own decisions and making my own money, I met a girl who likes to do that as well.” Hurt said.

“I fell in love with this office,” he said. “It is exactly what I was looking for professionally and personally. This type of practice appealed to me with the level of support it offers and the services and the patient contacts it provides. We’ve bought a house in Paris and started settling down and paying off student loans.

Hurt is a board-certified family practice provider and a board-certified integrative holistic medicine provider. He can be reached at Paris Family Physicians at 903-785-4362 or

Source: Mary Madewell – The Paris News.