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Group of Friends

Diana Sanchez, UAG Medical School MS III, B.S. in Neuroscience UCLA, and ALM Candidate at Harvard Extension School.

UAG medical school has given me the most memorable experiences of my life. From first semester we interacted with patients and obtained hands-on experience. I remember being extremely nervous when I got my first patient but after two years of doing physical exams and taking medical histories, I feel very competent both in my clinical skills and diagnostic reasoning.

A lady talking to childrens

The most valuable experience for me was to be able to help the most medically underserved patients in Mexico through clinical rotations. One of the most memorable clinical rotations was at an immigrant refugee center where people from South America are in high need of medical attention due to injuries and dehydration.

In addition, volunteering through a program called GUIMEDIC many of my peers and I provided medical care to indigenous populations in both Jalisco and Nayarit.

Group of doctors

After 4 hours on the road and having to cross a lake in a boat we arrived at a secluded indigenous community bringing medications, food and other basic necessities. Knowing that these patients do not have any other access to health care encouraged us to work restlessly until the last patient was seen. Working with medically underserved populations is something that is close to my heart and that I want to continue doing throughout my medical career in the U.S. These experiences helped me grow not only as a future medical professional but also as a human being.

At UAG medical school, I also had the opportunity to join the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) chapter as a community outreach director and organize activities such as the “Mini-med school” lectures at a local public elementary school where UAG medical students taught the children in an interactive manner about topics like hygiene and nutrition. In addition, in February of last year, three of the AMSA officers including myself traveled to Washington DC for the annual AMSA convention where we learned about healthcare advocacy and connected with medical students from all over the U.S. We got to meet with representatives from different senators to discuss issues like woman’s reproductive health care and access to health care for all. Overall, being part of AMSA at UAG medical school have prepared me to become a leader in medicine.

Group of Friends

I am about to start my third-year clinical rotations in Phoenix, Arizona but I feel confident in that I have a good foundation for approaching my final two years in medical school.