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Professors giving graduation certificate to students

The first class that successfully completed the international program of Medicine from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG) in the four-year curriculum. This curriculum is designed in such a way that the students receive the knowledge required for the international standards and lets the students, especially Americans and Puerto Ricans return to their country in less time as well as incorporate themselves into the workforce in an easier manner and better contribute to the community. The UAG graduates also live a multicultural and bilingual experience that lets them extend their competitiveness in the exercise of their profession.

Students giving speech

Dr. William de la Peña, Regent from the University of California and a distinguished ophthalmologist in the state of California, participated in this special event of the first generation of the four-year curriculum.

The Vice President of UAG, Antonio Leaño del Castillo, delivered a message to the class highlighting the UAG mission of delivering to society, good men and women, who are committed to the environment and the world that surrounds them, as well as the constant hard work from the School of Medicine and counting with the best professors, tools, and practices that benefit their students. Antonio Leaño del Castillo thanked Dr. William de la Peña for being present in the event as a UAG alumnus and sharing his wisdom with this special class.

Dr. William De La Pena

On his part, Dr. De la Peña, who resides in state of California, as a prestigious specialist in optical health, recalled in front of the new graduates, parents, university authorities his steps through his alma mater, “having had the opportunity to live in a different city, meet more people, have contact with patients, and of course, have taken a part of Guadalajara in his heart”.

Likewise, congratulated the university authorities for the innovation they had in the curriculum of Medicine, that allow the coming students from the United States and Puerto Rico to join more easily the workforce. “The doctors that graduated from UAG count with international recognition”, he claimed.

He thanked the distinction of been in these events and invited the new graduates to continue moving forward, “do not stop learning and updating your knowledge in medicine, since it is the key to remain well-founded in this medical life which is very changeable”.

On behalf of the new graduates, Henkel Ariana thanked her classmates for the excellent coexistence that they had during their career; to their professors, for guiding them since their first day of class, and wished her classmates a genre of success in their future professional activities and their family life.