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With several major events, Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG), the first private university in Mexico, celebrated the 85th anniversary of its foundation.

March 3, 2020 morning, the Tribute of the Jalisco Student Federation was held; in the afternoon the traditional commemorative ceremony was held at the Civic Center of the main campus and at night a Verbena was offered to the entire University community to celebrate the 85th anniversary.

In addition to the traditional commemorative ceremony, UAG will continue with several events, such as; March 5, the recognition award “Lic. Antonio Leaño Álvarez del Castillo” will be presented to distinguished graduates of UAG; and on March 6, the Honorary Degree will be delivered to Juan Domingo Beckmann Legorreta.

Other events have also taken place during the celebrations of this 85th anniversary, the Visit of the Virgin of Zapopan to the UAG main campus, the Keynote Conference “Innovation: link between the university and industry”, dictated by Marco M. Muñoz, Director of Strategic Initiatives of the MIT, and the event “Returno” for graduates of 10 years, 25 years and 50 years and more.

85 years after its foundation and with more than 130 thousand graduates, the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara is currently one of the most important educational institutions in Mexico, internationally recognized. In addition, it has been characterized, among other things, by its ability to change at the pace required by new technologies in order to maintain its academic leadership, while retaining its values-based educational philosophy.

The strategic plan formulated by its current President, Antonio Leaño Reyes, will continue for the consolidation and expansion of the university with a clear focus of excellence.

By 2035, it is sought to be the greatest reference for promoting values in the integral education of people and for promoting the well-being and progress of society, as well as for its academic quality, continuous innovation, and sustainable action, at national and international level.

There is the certainty that to achieve this you need determination, freedom, and courage. This is how UAG began its history in 1935 and with that same spirit and conviction will continue to build it looking forward to the first centenary.