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In the last couple of months, we have witnessed, with great satisfaction, the progress recorded by the fifth of the eight strategies of the rectory, which refers to the Institution’s administration of physical infrastructure and equipment.

Standing out is the reopening of the old building of Law, which today rests completely remodeled and equipped with the latest technology, primarily benefiting our Law and Business students.

For three years the University embarked on a program to remodel its facilities to suit current needs. The program represents both a great challenge and a great financial effort for the institution. Since then, the Engineering building has undergone a complete renovation and has been equipped with new laboratories. Likewise, improvements were made to the School of Medicine buildings, and among other improvements, the endowment of dental units to the School of Dentistry.

The refurbishment program does not only include physical facilities but also involves projects to update furniture and necessary equipment for the University to perform its basic functions

Recently remodeled building “A” is now the seat for the Social Studies and Business Center, under Deanery of Social, Economic and Administrative Sciences. It features a fully equipped Oral Trials Room, fully equipped meditation rooms, a Gesell Chamber, as well as a Financial and Business Laboratory conditioned to the highest level.

Furthermore, we have signed agreements with prestigious institutions in order to enrich infrastructure. In the legal academic area, we have established cooperation agreements with the Supreme Court of the State, with the Institute of the Alternative Justice of the State of Jalisco and the law firm Baker & McKenzie. And also in the financial and business scope with the Supreme Audit of the State and the firm Price Waterhouse Cooper.

Hundreds of students working toward different career paths will benefit from the use of these facilities and agreements that are sure to reinforce what is learned in the classroom.

The Digital Edition of the School of Communication Science Laboratory has also been equipped with new computers and a modern bio-reactor has been acquired for the Biotechnology Laboratory.

These are some advances that the refurbishment program carries, a program that does not stop or end, but rather continues forward with its main purpose to promote the academic development, and excellence, of the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara.


UAG President