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UAF school of medicine students

UAG School of Medicine celebrated the graduating class of 2017, in the presence of parents, family, and friends.

Student receiving degree from professor

Dr. John Chris Alverdy, UAG graduate speaker and special guest of this generation, mentioned in his message; The importance of being informed about the world that surrounds them, the world of medicine is changing every day, knowing what it lies ahead, to be prepared for the future, and also reminded them that they must be professionals in each step to give, to continue firm in keeping their convictions with which they entered to this beautiful career and the exciting world of medicine.

He thanked the students for the honor of naming him as their generation’s godfather, as it motivates him to continue to participate in the formation of more and better doctors.

On behalf of the new generation, Jesus Daniel Vega recalled the journey they followed to finish his training in the classrooms of the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara.

Degree students of UAG School of Medicine

“We all have many stories to tell, the joys, the anger, emotions and some sadness that were part of our life, which took place away from home but with the goal of reaching this great day.”

He thanked the teachers, not only because of their mentorship in class but because they were teachers of life that taught much more than just medicine. To his classmates, for being part of this family that was formed in the classroom, noting that they will always hold a place in his heart.

Finally, he also thanked all parents and families for all the support and for being the engine that drove them to conclude this important stage in their lives. “Now!”, he said, “We are ready for the next stage.”

UAF school of medicine students

After collecting his diploma the graduates took the Hippocratic Oath that commits them to fight for life and the well-being of their patients.