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Arturo Padilla
Friday-January 17, 2020


The faculty and students of UAG School of Medicine welcomed a new generation of students of the International Program of Medicine at “Orientation Day 2020-01”, an event carried out in the facilities of UNICO.

Coming from United States and Puerto Rico, the students and their families were welcomed by the Administrative Vice Chancellor of UAG, Juan Carlos Leaño del Castillo,  Vice Chancellor of ​​Health Sciences, Dr. Alfonso Petersen Farah, Dean of ​​Health Sciences, Dr. Patricia Bustamante Montes and the Director of the International Medical Program, Lic. Ricardo del Castillo Ruano.

At the event, Dr. Petersen Farah, took the floor to express how society faces great challenges in the area of ​​health services and said that we offer the opportunity to innovate and promote solutions to various problems. Situations in which, he said, the UAG can help by providing skills and knowledge for their training as doctors with comprehensive and human training.

He added that the UAG has more than 70 thousand graduates, of which more than 17 thousand are from the US and Puerto Rico; The institution also has the approval and accreditations of international and national groups, a new curriculum and several agreements with hospitals in Mexico, North America and South America.

Lic. Del Castillo Ruano spoke about the city of Zapopan and Guadalajara and the opportunities that both cities give visitors for study and entertainment and welcomed them on their first day as students of UAG School of Medicine.

The incoming students met with various departments that make up the school. They learned about the history of the UAG, the services offered by the institution, courses and other topics.

Finally, the White Coat ceremony began  where it was mentioned that the white coat is a symbol of the worldwide medical profession that commits them to society, with themselves and with their families.

This event continued throughout the week with other activities and ended with the traditional welcome picnic in the “Miguel Soto Mayor” baseball field at UAG.