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Dr. Enrique Caballero

Thanks to an agreement signed between both institutions, the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG) will offer its students of the International Medicine Program five online HMX courses in basic science areas prepared by the Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Enrique Caballero, director of the International Programs of Education and Innovation of the School of Medicine of the University of Harvard, visited UAG and explained that the online courses will be offered for the purpose to deepen the knowledge of the basic sciences: biochemistry, genetics, immunology, physiology, and pharmacology.

“This will be a unique educational experience and a great benefit for the students. In my experience, learning basic science was a difficult challenge however, it is very important to acquire this knowledge at this stage of the career. No matter what they do afterward, having a solid basic science education benefits the adequate training of the student” he said.

The online courses were developed by professors and specialists from Harvard University. They have up to date information of each field, created with high-quality technology (audio, video and interactive sections) and the student will interact with the teacher, have periodic evaluations and more.

“It allows a greater link between basic science concepts and clinical areas. These courses are part of the curriculum of the medical school, whose content is what all doctors need in their training. The UAG is the first university in Latin America that will offer these five courses for its students ” said the Harvard doctor.

The courses will last 10 weeks in which approximately 10 sessions are covered. The student must dedicate 3 to 5 hours a week to cover the courses, which will be intensive and with a certain degree of difficulty.

The courses will be directed mainly to students of the first, second and third semester of the International Medicine Program, however, in some cases, it could be extended to students of other semesters or of the Latin program as long as the selection criteria for use of the programs are met.

“The courses come to be added to the program, and one very well-formed and established, from the area of ​​Health Sciences of the UAG. Each of the teachers will decide how these courses will be used; the online courses do not come to displace the institution’s on-site courses, they come to complement them” he added.

Dr. Enrique Caballero visited the UAG to present these resources that are added to the program of studies of the International Medicine Program, as well as tour the facilities of the Institute of Basic Sciences (ICB) of the University, it’s administrators and its study program.

In this meeting were the Academic Vice-Rector of the UAG, Dr. Hugo de la Rosa Peña Loza; the Vice-Chancellor of Health Sciences, Dr. Alfonso Petersen Farah; the Director of the International Program of Medicine, Dr. Humberto García Ulloa; the Coordinator of the first year of the program, D. In C. María Guadalupe Zavala Cerna and the Coordinator of the second year of the program, Dr. Ana Beatriz Meza Ontiveros.

After the meeting, Dr. Enrique Caballero spoke to the students of the International Medical Program about medical training, the challenges and how the courses mentioned above will help in their training.

“I congratulate you for studying medicine, it is a demanding field, but one in which we have the privilege of helping many people and that is authentic. To achieve this, they need a good education and they are in an extraordinary university that will give them the tools and the human quality necessary to get ahead in this vocation and career.”