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The Dr. Angel Leaño Hospital (HAL), of Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG), will be part of the Hospital Reconversion and Escalation Plan of the State of Jalisco for the care of patients with coronavirus, COVID – 19. It will be announced today at a press conference by the Governor, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez.

UAG’s Secretary of Health, Fernando Petersen Aranguren, explained that given the possibility that the number of cases of infected people will increase considerably, it is necessary to be prepared for the care of patients who require hospitalization. The plan consists of four stages. In the first stage, 958 beds would be available, in the second, 362 in both in public sector hospitals. In the third stage, 865 beds would be added, of which 500 will be located in the Dr. Ángel Leaño Hospital, totaling 2,185. If necessary, in the fourth and final stage, 976 beds would be added in public hospitals reaching a total of 3,161.

The Governor indicated that several options were analyzed and that the decision was made to include HAL in the plan because it has the most adequate infrastructure, the one with the best accommodations. Gratitude was shown to UAG President, Lic. Antonio Leaño Reyes for the solidarity shown to join this project.

Dr. Alfonso Petersen Farah, Vice President of Health Sciences, stated that at the request of the State Government, UAG President, agreed to allow access to Hospital Dr. Ángel Leaño to contribute to the strengthening of efforts in the fight against the coronavirus, and if necessary to help with patients with COVID-19 for hospitalization or even intensive therapy. He added that the UAG is joining with commitment as part of its values and principles, in support of the State Government.

He also reported that at HAL there is a university campus, known as the Clinical Area, which is usually attended by a large number of medical students but are currently not attending classes in person due to the health restrictions.

He announced that when the students allow the return to the classrooms, they will attend their classes at one of the other UAG university campuses in the city to not compromise their health and that of the teachers.

At the Dr. Ángel Leaño Hospital, various adaptations and remodeling are already being carried out so that it is ready when required and will be equipped with what is necessary for patient care. Various organizations of private initiative and society in general will participate with donations for this equipment through the Corporate Foundation institution.