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Dear UAG students:

Let me begin by expressing my wish that all the members of the UAG community and their beloved families are well in the midst of this health crisis that has affected the entire world.

March was unprecedented, being that we had never experienced a similar situation before. From the last days of February until mid-March, we had the opportunity to celebrate with various events including the 85th anniversary of our university. It was a great occasion to review what has been achieved throughout these eight and a half decades, what we are currently doing and the challenges we face in the coming centenary to be met in 2035.

Suddenly, the crisis that was already coming from other continents appeared in our country. The Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara responded promptly and aggressively to the authorities’ call: Classes on campus were suspended and a large part of our team continued to work from home. This involved taking quick and effective actions. The academic area and that of online education designed programs to avoid missing class and required courses; These were implemented immediately and thus, with the collaboration of teachers and students, the school period was successfully continued through distance learning. In the administrative field, digital programs were also established so that all departments continued to work and help students despite not being physically together. It is important to note that thousands of people with different responsibilities –directors, teachers, students, collaborators from administrative and service areas, etc. – remain in communication and are attending to their responsibilities.

In addition, according to the social responsibility of our institution, the Ángel Leaño Hospital was made available to the health authorities so that, properly conditioned, it can be used as an alternate headquarters to care for people infected with Covid-19. At this time we do not know the direction of the health crisis, but everyone can rest assured that the University is thinking about the safety and well-being of its entire community.

We thank all our students, teachers and collaborators for their excellent disposition when faced with this crisis. We ask God, Our Lord for his intervention so that the university community, their families, our country and all of humanity can overcome these difficult moments with wisdom and solidarity.

Antonio Leaño Reyes, UAG President
Friday-April 24, 2020