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Roberta-Jacobson speech

United States Ambassador in Mexico, Roberta Jacobson, highlighted the training of American physicians at the University Autonomous of Guadalajara’s (UAG) International Program of Medicine.

“The UAG has distinguished itself as an excellent host by receiving students from the United States, especially in the School of Medicine where there are more than a thousand American students today,” said the US diplomat

During the inauguration of “Partnership 2016: inclusion and innovation in the Americas,” organized by Partners of the Americas, Roberta Jacobson stressed that more than 15,000 US physicians have graduated from this university.

During her speech, she added that the city of Guadalajara is positioning itself as a major center for entrepreneurship and innovation, where young people play a key role in the transformation.

Later, the President and CEO of Partners of the Americas, Steve Vetter, inaugurated “Partnership 2016″, a conference attended by representatives of different institutions in the Americas to share experiences and work together in order to achieve the development of the people of America.

The topics discussed at the event were higher education, international mobility, intelligent agriculture, youth, public health, and public safety.

The opening was attended by the UAG President, Antonio Leano Reyes.; the Secretary of Development and Social Integration, Miguel Castro Reynoso and the Director of the Civil Hospital of Guadalajara, Dr. Hector Raul Perez Gomez; among others.

UAG Recognition

Due to it’s more than 50 years of collaboration with Partners of the Americas, the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara received a recognition

The President of Jalisco Chapter of Partners of the Americas, Jesus Artemio Sandoval, presented this distinction and made a reminder that the UAG has always collaborated with the group.

“Partners of the Americas” is a US government initiative to promote the development of Latin America. This program originated under former US President John F. Kennedy.

In addition to the recognition presented to the UAG, recognition was given to Hospitales Civiles de Guadalajara (Civil Hospitals of Guadalajara) for its health contributions to society.

UAG with International Vision

Chief members standing

The UAG President, Lic. Antonio Leano Reyes participated in “The local perspective on the best practices in the internationalization of higher education” panel, under the “Partnership 2016”.

During his participation, Lic. Antonio Leano Reyes mentioned that has always been concerned with internationalization; in fact, currently, 10 percent of the students are foreigners.

He added that the UAG has several initiatives to internationalize, such as the International Language Center, signing agreements with foreign universities, student mobility and implementation of programs taught in English.

This panel was also attended by Mr. Jaime Reyes Robles, Secretary of Science and Technologies Innovation of Jalisco.; Dr. Miguel Angel Navarro, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Guadalajara; and Dr. Mario Adrian Flores Castro, General Director of Tec de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara.