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Core and Elective Rotations in US and Mexico

UAG students are able to participate in the clinical clerkships program developed by the Curriculum Committee. Students that participate in these programs must demonstrate the required talent and clinical skills to work in a hospital setting. Students have the option to apply for rotations in the U.S. starting in their third year.

Clinical Clerkships Application Process

For clinical clerkships in Mexico, US and PR, please download and submit complete application to

Clinical Clerkship application Click Here

  1. Once notified by email you will need to complete and submit your application before deadline. You will receive a response from clerkships regarding your paperwork and application status.
  2. Please make sure to frequently check your UAG student e-mail; all communication is email based and only through your UAG official account. You will be receiving complete-incomplete and reminder emails about your required documents.
  3. After you complete all the previous requirements a Good standing status is granted to let you continue with your application process by paying fees such as malpractice and/or transcript, if necessary.
  4. Once the placement process is done, the school and hospitals work together to process your Official Acceptance Letter.
  5. A Malpractice email will be sent out as a reminder that your insurance policy needs to be paid at that time. It is a mandatory fee and must be paid on time to continue with your process.
  6. Background Checks will be next. You will receive an email with instructions to complete this step.
  7. After you have fulfilled all the above requirements and have passed all your courses, UAG will issue a Clearance Letter to the Host Institution and you will be able to start your clinical clerkships program.
  8. During this process Financial Aid will contact you with information on how to complete your loan process.

For January 2022 semester application process: Starting Date August 23, 2021 – Closing Date October 8, 2021


Transcripts.-    $50 USD fee only for certain Puerto Rican hospitals (US locations excluded from this fee).

Malpractice.-   ONCE ACCEPTED – A payment for Malpractice Insurance of $800.00 USD by November 5 , 2021. (Malpractice Insurance payment is not refundable and this cannot be paid with your student loans, please plan accordingly).

Clinical Clerkships Cost.-

  • 5th to 8th: ($850 USD per week ) AZ, CA, CO, IL, NV, NY
  • 5th to 8th: ($1,100 USD per week) St. Anthony Hospital, Chicago, IL
  • 5th to 8th: ($2,400 USD per semester) PR Rotations Rate A (Hospital Buen Samaritano, Hospital Metropolitano de San German, Hospital Pavia Arecibo, Manati Medical Center, Mayaguez Medical Center).
  • 5th to 8th: ($500 USD per week) PR Rotations Rate B (Ponce Health Sciences University, Hospital Menonita Guayama, Hospital Menonita Cayey, Hospital HIMA Caguas, Hospital HIMA Fajardo).

-All Clinical Rotations at non-affiliated hospitals: $100 USD per week

*All fees subject to change without notice

Requirements for Letter of Good Standing:

– Satisfactory completion of all courses with a passing grade in all previous semesters.


  • If the student has any pending courses, the application will be rejected.
  • If the student fails a course in his current semester, the process will be on standby until extraordinary exams.
  • All students assigned to U.S. hospitals must be fluent in English.
  • Any student who has applied for a transfer to another medical school WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE for these programs.
  • Eligibility does not necessarily confer selection.
  • There is a 30 day cancellation notice required before the starting date, all requests after the first day of rotations will be penalized.
  • Orientation is mandatory for all students (no exceptions).
  • The starting date is a final set date with no exception to modify.

Selection, assignment, evaluation, fees and requirements to the programs, contact clinical clerkships office at

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