Learning to practice medicine in both English and Spanish, it’s one of the great benefits of going to medical school in Guadalajara. Not only will it help break down barriers between doctor and patients wherever they end up–New York, Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, etc., being bilingual and culturally aware will make you much more valuable in the eyes of hospital and clinical administrators everywhere.

Two years of basic sciences in Mexico

You’ll begin at the beginning. We’ll immerse you in the basics. All the critical core learning that you’ll need to know in order to pass the USMLE Step 1. But we’ll also start you working on your clinical skills immediately. So you’re going to start gaining real world insight right away.

Two clinical years which can be done in Mexico, U.S. or Puerto Rico.

Core and Elective Rotations in Mexico, United States, and Puerto Rico. All students have opportunities to perform their clinical rotations in various hospital settings in facilities throughout Mexico, United States, and Puerto Rico. There are several programs in which the students can participate during their third and fourth years.

We’ll begin preparing you for the next stage–everything leading up to USMLE Step 2, and getting your degree.

Our 4 year program, giving the equal opportunities to US students, as other medical international programs, to achieve their goal to become a doctor.

Your MD degree in 4 years at UAG School of Medicine.

It’s not going to be easy. But by the time you’re ready to leave here, you will be confident and ready to practice.You will be a doctor.

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