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Steps in the Right Direction

The medical program at UAG School of Medicine focuses on a student-centered approach, comparable to the teaching done at many US based medical school, leading to a better student-teacher interaction and increased learning. Because of our focus on preparing students to enter the US medical system post-graduation all our classes are in English and tailored towards presenting the USMLE Board exams, as well as allowing students to obtain clinical experience in any of our affiliated hospitals located in Mexico, the US and Puerto Rico.


Students will be learning the basics of the human body through the innovative systems-based approach. All blocks will focus on the core topics of Genetics, Embryology, Histology, Biochemistry, Physiology, and Pathology for each respective organ system.

During Year 1 students will be given the opportunity to practice with live patients, through our Program of Medicine in the Community, providing quality medical care to local under-served communities.


Year 2 at UAG School of Medicine will focus on a student’s preparation into clinical clerkships. Applying the information being taught to the clinical setting continuously, all the while, integrating new and previously encountered information to build a polished integrated knowledge base.

Students will become familiar with the clinical skills required to physically explore, address, diagnose, and manage the patient.


Third year consists of 48 weeks of clinical clerkships, with the purpose of teaching the medical student the fundamentals of clinical examination, evaluation, and care provision.

During the Clinical Clerkships, the medical student will interact with actual patients, but their evaluation and recommendations will be reviewed and approved by more senior physicians. The expectation is that the students will master the knowledge in successfully treating patients, but they are also expected to assume the physician’s role.

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The fourth year comprises one quarter of their medical education, consisting of an additional 48 weeks of elective clerkships. It is essential because it is the crucial time at which to solidify and broaden the foundations built in the first three years.

In addition, it has importance beyond immediate educational needs: It is the time to better understand residency options and enhance the student’s opportunities for the transition to their post-graduate years.

Need Help? Contact Our Enrollment Offices

We have a group of admissions counselors that visit your area; they can assist you in some of the following ways:

  • Setup a consultation to answer your questions and provide you with a presentation and materials of the 4 year program.
  • Organize and host informational sessions for aspiring medical students in your area, or speak to student organizations, clubs, and classes.
  • Answer any questions students have about UAG, including our admissions process, curriculum, and student life.


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