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Affiliated Hospitals

Our students have opportunities to perform their clinical rotations in various affiliated hospitals throughout Mexico, United States, and Puerto Rico. There are several programs in which the students can participate during their third and fourth years.

United States and Puerto Rico
HospitalMt Vista Medical Center CityMesa StateArizona
HospitalTucson Medical Center CityTucson StateArizona
HospitalYuma Regional Medical Center CityYumaStateArizona
HospitalAbrazo Community Health Network CityPhoenixStateArizona
HospitalKaiser Permanente Medical CenterCityOaklandStateCalifornia
HospitalSierra View Medical CenterCityPortervilleStateCalifornia
HospitalJackson Park Medical Center CityChicagoStateIllinois
HospitalSt. Anthony HospitalCityChicagoStateIllinois
HospitalUniversity Medical Center CityLas Vegas StateNevada
HospitalSt Marys Regional Medical Center CityRenoStateNevada
HospitalHospital San Cristobal CityPonceStatePuerto Rico
HospitalHospital Episcopal San Lucas CityGuayama StatePuerto Rico
HospitalHospital HIMA San Pablo – Fajardo CityFajardoStatePuerto Rico
HospitalHospital Metropolitano San German CitySan German StatePuerto Rico
HospitalHospital Metropolitano Dr. Pila CityPonce StatePuerto Rico
HospitalHospital Pavia Arecibo CityAreciboStatePuerto Rico
HospitalHospital Perea CityMayaguez StatePuerto Rico
HospitalHospital de la Concepcion CitySan German StatePuerto Rico
HospitalHospital del Maestro CitySan Juan StatePuerto Rico
HospitalMayaguez Medical Center CityMayaguezStatePuerto Rico
HospitalManati Medical Center CityManati StatePuerto Rico
HospitalPonce Health Sciences University CityPonceStatePuerto Rico
HospitalHospital Pavia de Yauco CityYaucoStatePuerto Rico
HospitalHospital Buen Samaritano CityAguadillaStatePuerto Rico
Hospital CityState
Hospital Hospital General “Tercer Milenio” CityAguascalientes StateAguascalientes
Hospital Hospital Regional CityAmecaStateJalisco
Hospital Hospital General CityCaborcaStateSonora
Hospital Hospital GeneralCityCalvilloStateAguascalientes
Hospital Hospital General CityJuárezStateChihuahua
Hospital Hospital General CityCd. Obregón StateSonora
Hospital Hospital General Regional CityCelaya StateGuanajuato
Hospital Hospital CIMA CityChihuahua StateChihuahua
Hospital Hospital Clínica del Parque CityChihuahua StateChihuahua
Hospital Hospital General “Dr. Salvador Zubirán Anchondo” CityChihuahua StateChihuahua
Hospital Hospital Regional CityCocula StateJalisco
Hospital Hospital Regional Universitario CityColimaStateColima
Hospital I.S.S.S.T.E. “Dr. Miguel Trejo Ochoa” CityColimaStateColima
Hospital Hospital General “Dr. Bernardo J. Gastelum” CityCuliacán StateSinaloa
Hospital Hospital General Regional Hospital General Regional, Del. El Pitillal CityPto. Vallarta StateJalisco
Hospital Hospital General CityEnsenada StateBaja California
Hospital Cruz Roja, Del. Guadalajara CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital Hospital “Ángeles del Carmen” CityGuadalajara StateJalisco
Hospital Hospital “Ramón Garibay” CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital Hospital “San Francisco de Asís” CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital Hospital “Santa María Chapalita” CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital Hospital “Santa Martha” CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital Hospital Materno Infantil “Esperanza López Mateos” CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital Hospital Militar Regional CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. H.G.R. # 110 “Dr. Roberto Mendiola Orta CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. H.G.R. # 45 “Dr. Antonio Ayala Ríos” CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. H.G.R. # 46 “Lázaro Cárdenas” CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. H.G.Z. # 89 “Chapultepec” CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. U.M.F. # 171 CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. U.M.F. # 178 CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. U.M.F. # 2 “Dr. Alfredo Avelar Jáuregui” CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. U.M.F. # 3 CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. U.M.F. # 34 CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. U.M.F. # 48 CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. U.M.F. # 51 CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. U.M.F. # 78 CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. U.M.F. # 88 CityGuadalajaraStateJalisco
Hospital Hospital General Regional CityGuanajuatoStateGuanajuato
Hospital I.S.S.S.T.E. CityGuanajuato StateGuanajuato
Hospital Hospital General CityGuaymas StateSonora
Hospital Centro Médico “Dr. Ignacio Chávez” CityHermosillo StateSonora
Hospital Hospital General “Dr. Ernesto Ramos Bours” CityHermosillo StateSonora
Hospital Hospital Infantil del Estado de Sonora “Dra. Luisa Ma. Godoy” CityHermosilloStateSonora
Hospital Hospital General CityIrapuato StateGuanajuato
Hospital Hospital General CityLa Barca StateJalisco
Hospital Hospital General “Juan María de Salvatierra” CityLa Paz StateBaja California Sur
Hospital I.S.S.S.T.E. “Dr. Carlos Estrada Ruibal” CityLa Paz StateBaja California Sur
Hospital Hospital General “Benito Juárez” CityLa Piedad StateMichoacan
Hospital Hospital General Regional CityLagos de Moreno StateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. H.G.R. # 7 CityLagos de Moreno StateJalisco
Hospital Hospital “Aranda de la Parra” CityLeón StateGuanajuato
Hospital Hospital General CityLeón StateGuanajuato
Hospital I.M.S.S. H.G.Z./M.F. # 21 CityLeónStateGuanajuato
Hospital I.S.S.S.T.E. CityLeónStateGuanajuato
Hospital Hospital General CityLos Mochis StateSinaloa
Hospital Hospital General CityManzanillo StateColima
Hospital Hospital General CityManzanillo StateColima
Hospital Hospital General “Dr. Martiniano Carbajal” CityMazatlán StateSinaloa
Hospital I.S.S.S.T.E. CityMazatlán StateSinaloa
Hospital Hospital General CityMexicaliStateBaja California
Hospital ISSSTECALI CityMexicali StateBaja California
Hospital Hospital “Ángeles del Pedregal” CityMéxico StateDistrito Federal
Hospital Hospital A.B.C. CityMéxico StateDistrito Federal
Hospital Hospital Español CityMéxicoStateDistrito Federal
Hospital Inst. Nal. de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición “Salvador Zubirán” CityMéxico StateDistrito Federal
Hospital Hospital General CityNavojoa StateSonora
Hospital Hospital General CityNogales StateSonora
Hospital I.M.S.S. H.G.Z./M.F. # 6 CityOcotlán StateJalisco
Hospital Jalisco CityPabellón de Arteaga StateAugascalientes
Hospital Hospital General CityQuerétaro StateQueretaro
Hospital I.S.S.S.T.E. “Dr. Ismael Vázquez Ortíz” CityQuerétaroStateQuerétaro
Hospital Hospital General CityRincón de Romos StateAugascalientes
Hospital Hospital General CitySahuayo StateMichoacan
Hospital Hospital General CitySalamanca StateGuanjuato
Hospital Hospital General “Dr. Raúl A. Carrillo” CitySan José del Cabo StateBaja California Sur
Hospital Hospital “Manuel Montero” CitySan Juan de los Lagos StateJalisco
Hospital Hospital Central “Ignacio Morones Prieto” CitySan Luis Potosí StateSan Luis Potosí
Hospital Hospital General “Juan Manuel de Villegas” CitySan Miguel de Allende StateGuanajuato
Hospital I.M.S.S. H.G.Z./M.F. # 26 CityTala StateJalisco
Hospital Hospital General CityTepatitlán de Morelos StateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. H.G.Z./M.F. # 21 CityTepatitlán de Morelos StateJalisco
Hospital Hospital General CityTepic StateNayarit
Hospital I.S.S.S.T.E. “Aquiles Calles Ramírez” CityTepic StateNayarit
Hospital Cruz Roja “Alfonso Gamboa Núñez” CityTijuana StateBaja California
Hospital Hospital General CityTijuana StateBaja California
Hospital I.S.S.S.T.E. “Fray Junípero Serra” CityTijuana StateBaja California
Hospital ISSSTECALI CityTijuana StateBaja California
Hospital I.M.S.S. H.G.Z. # 14 “La Paz” CityTlaquepaque StateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. U.M.F. # 39 CityTlaquepaque StateJalisco
Hospital Hospital General “Dr. Pascacio Gamboa” CityTuxtla Gutiérrez StateChiapas
Hospital Hospital General “Dr. Pedro Daniel Martínez” CityUrupanStateMichoacan
Hospital Hospital de Alta Especialidad “Dr. Juan Graham Casasus” CityVillahermosa StateTabasco
Hospital Hospital del Niño “Dr. Rodolfo Nieto Padrón” CityVillahermosa StateTabasco
Hospital Hospital General “Dr. Gustavo A. Rovirosa Pérez” CityVillahermosa StateTabasco
Hospital Hospital “San José” CityZamora StateMichoacan
Hospital Hospital General, Zamora CityZamoraStateMichoacan
Hospital Hospital Municipal “Juan Pablo II” CityZamoraStateMichoacan
Hospital Cruz Verde Unidad Norte CityZapopan StateJalisco
Hospital Cruz Verde Unidad Sur “Las Águilas” CityZapopan StateJalisco
Hospital Hospital General CityZapopanStateJalisco
Hospital Hospital General CityZapopan StateJalisco
Hospital I.M.S.S. U.M.F. # 53 “Dr. Roberto Orozco y Orozco” CityZapopan StateJalisco
Hospital I.S.S.S.T.E. “Dr. Valentín Gómez Farías” CityZapopanStateJalisco
Hospital Cruz Roja Del. Zapotlanejo CityZapotlanejoStateJalisco

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