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Bilingual & Bicultural

Become a Doctor in Two Worlds

Here, you’ll learn to practice medicine in both English and Spanish. It’s one of the great benefits of going to medical school in Guadalajara. Not only will it help break down barriers between you and patients wherever you end up–New York, Arizona, California, Florida, Texas– being bilingual and culturally aware will also make you much more valuable in the eyes of hospital and clinical administrators everywhere.

Don’t Worry. We’ll Ease You Into It.

You’ll have enough to think about as you start down the path to becoming a physician, so your first two years of classes will be taught in English.

Your instruction, textbooks, tests, almost everything– except for your clinic work in the community. During your first two years, as you become immersed in your new surroundings and start to comprehend the language in context, we’ll slowly transition you to Spanish.

Along the way, teachers and other students will challenge you to move toward fluency. The city and everyone you’ll meet will become a part of your crash course in the Spanish language and Guadalajara culture. Before you know it, you won’t be just bilingual, you’ll be bicultural. With a greater understanding of Latin American customs and perceptions especially as they relate to life, health and wellness.

To make sure you’re ready to move into your 5th semester with a solid grasp of the language, the university offers intensive Spanish courses, that you can take during the first 2 year at UAG.

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