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Healthcare Simulation Center

UAG School of Medicine Healthcare Simulation Center helps the students to mirror real-life inpatient spaces, operating rooms, and ambulatory settings. Simulation-based education is a powerful tool for reinforcing clinical knowledge, improving team communication, and teaching decision-making skills.


These experiential immersive environment promote critical thinking and teamwork, as students interact with advanced, full-body simulation mannequins that provide real-time physiological responses and feedback, making it a powerful tool for hands-on training before, during and after learners are introduced to real clinical settings and patients.

Facility Includes

  • ER/OR: Suites are equipped with a fully functional emergency room or operating room.
  • ICU/Ward rooms: Typical hospital room with wall hook-ups for medical gases and suction, and a sink for proper hand sanitation.
  • L&D: Labor and Delivery room is fully furnished with an obstetrics bed, a fetal heart monitor, and exam lights.
  • Simulation Control Rooms: Each control room is separated from the scenario room by a one-way mirror.
  • Audio/Visual Recording System.

Patient Simulators

  • Women’s and man’s adult upper and lower torso
  • Venous & Arterial Access Trainers
  • Airway & CPR
  • Virtual dissection tables
  • High fidelity adult patient simulator (Male and Female)
  • High fidelity infant patient simulator (Children and Baby)

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