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Institutional Scholarship Program

UAG School of Medicine offers an Institutional Scholarship Program that is an exclusive opportunity for first-time applicants who plan to attend UAG Medical School starting from first semester.

Students can receive up to $26,000 funds towards their School Tuition over four years. A student must remain in good academic standing for the entire academic year which is comprised of two semesters. All scholarships are a one-time award and are based on the availability of funds.

Eligibility and requirements

To be eligible to apply for the UAG Scholarship Program you must:

  • Be admitted to UAG Medical School.
  • Be a US citizens or permanent resident of the United States.
  • Obtain a 3.3 or higher cumulative GPA.
  • Score a 500 or higher MCAT at time of enrollment.
  • An essay (2-3 pages), describing your background and how your interest and motivation for a career in medicine developed.


If you are eligible, we invite you to complete and submit the UAG School of Medicine Institutional Scholarships application.

To be considered for a scholarship, students must submit an application by:

DeadlineAward NotificationEntrance Class
DeadlineBy April 30thAward NotificationJune 15thEntrance ClassFall (late July of the current year)
DeadlineBy September 30thAward NotificationNovember 15thEntrance ClassSpring (early January of the following year)

Download the scholarship application and send it to


Incoming applicants to the School of Medicine are eligible to receive an institutional scholarship award.

After receiving and reviewing your application, the committee will select 25 possible candidates.

The Scholarship Committee will make the award decision based on your application documents and personal interview. At most, there are 12 incoming medical scholars each year (6 each semester).

The UAG School of Medicine Institutional Scholarship applies for the four years of medical school, without interruptions during their studies.

All recipients must qualify each semester by completing the UAG School of Medicine Institutional Scholarships application on time and meet the academic standards. All students must also remain in good academic standing for renewal of the scholarship.

The committee meets two times each year to select scholarship recipients based on their academic excellence, ability to add to the diversity and distinction of the student body.

Selection Process

Incoming applicants to the School of Medicine are eligible to receive an Institutional Scholarship Award. Our Scholarship Committee will make the award decisions based on your application documents and personal interview.

Only 12 incoming medical scholars will receive Scholarship Award notification by mail.

Scholarship Award Notification

All selected recipient will be notified in writing by the UAG Institutional Scholarships office.

The scholarship will be placed in the student account on hold status awaiting the arrival of the Release of Information Form and Thank You letter.

The applicant will have 15 days after the notification letter is dated to file these documents at the Scholarship Office.

Please deliver or mail these to the Admissions Registrar Office (address listed below):

Attn. UAG Institutional Scholarships
110 Gallery Circle, San Antonio, TX 78258

Scholarship Renewal

Scholarship recipients must complete an application each semester in order to review and renew the Institutional Scholarship. For more information visit Scholarship Renewal.

The School of Medicine is grateful for the generous support of the Board Members, individuals, and foundations that provide this scholarship.

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