You may be eligible to take advantage of significant VA benefits. Contact your local Veterans Administration Regional Office representative before requesting enrollment verification for your Medical School for VA benefits.

Submit the appropriate application form listed below to the VA:

  • Student should compare VA education benefits and review payment rates.
  • Apply for benefit through the VA using the Veterans Online Application (VONAPP).
  • Submit Certificate of Eligibility to an UAG School Certifying Official.

To find out if the VA can help you become a doctor, dial their toll-free number. (888) 442-4551

From outside the U.S., call the Buffalo Regional Office. Once connected, enter “option 1” right away to be placed in a priority queue. (716) 857-3196 or (716) 857-3197

You may contact our School Certifying Official :

Monica Rosel

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara

Monday through Friday from 9 am–5 pm (Central Standard Time)


Tel: 210-366-1611

Toll Free: 1-800-531-5494

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