UAG Welcomes foreign medical students

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On “Orientation Day July 2019”, the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG) received a new generation of young people from United States and Puerto Rico to study in the International Medicine Program and become doctors.

At the event, held at the UNICO building, the Vice President of Health Sciences, Dr. Alfonso Petersen Farah, welcomed the students and assured them saying,  “This day could define the rest of  your lives. I congratulate you for choosing this career. Seeking an academic degree as a doctor in another country that is not yours deserves recognition. You are about to begin a journey in one of the most demanding careers: Medicine. Today we are proud and happy to have you here in our university and in this city that will be your new home. Guadalajara is a beautiful city with a lot to offer, as well as our teaching staff who are ready to help you become great doctors. ”

He pointed out that new students will change their lives by being in one of the universities that, for more than 84 years, has trained with integral values ​​more than 130 thousand graduates, 17 thousand of whom are foreign doctors who successfully practice their profession in many parts of the world.

He added to the new students that the administrative and academic staff of the institution will be present throughout their career to support them in their educational and personal journey.

Following the welcome speech, the attendees continued orientation day with the presentation of various departments, learned about the history of the UAG, and the services and courses offered by the institution that will help them in their comprehensive training.  In addition, they received information from institutions such as the National Migration Service and the North American Consulate.

Finally, at the white coat ceremony, the Hippocratic Oath was taken by the group of new students. They were reminded that the white coat is an icon of the worldwide medical profession that engages them with society, with themselves and with their families.

This welcome event continued throughout the week with other activities and ended with the traditional Welcome Picnic at the “Instituto de Ciencias Biológicas”


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