Message from our Dean

Ricardo Del Castillo

A medical career has never been considered an easy task.  Starting in medical school, each course has its own idiosyncrasies and challenges. It is our duty as leaders and professors to guide them through the correct pathways of becoming good physicians.  Our students arrive with great enthusiasm and we must take that energy and channel it.

UAG provides a great opportunity for students starting in their first year when they interact with Spanish-speaking patients.  Our Program of Medicine in the Community (PMC) provides them the opportunity not only to learn how to create rapport with their patient but also to enhance their cultural experiences. Our students are taught to think about their patients and their particular needs. Now, our students have a myriad of opportunities for their clinical years.

The shortage of physicians in states such as Arizona, California, Nevada and Texas, among others, has created additional options for our students to continue their clinical education in the U.S. starting in their third year.  It is an extra “plus” that they are able to speak Spanish and “speak the culture”.  Innovations in our curriculum and newly signed agreements allow for ongoing opportunities with hospitals in Mexico’s Social Security system along with immense research opportunities in our country. Relationships with medical schools in the U.S. and Puerto Rico provide a variety of clinical settings for our students.

Our graduates’ success speaks about the UAG and the education they receive.  Ongoing and magnificent, their drive shows what can be accomplished if given the opportunity to enter the profession of medicine.

Yes, we are a foreign medical school but few schools can boast that they have 72,000 medical graduates. These graduates are licensed and practicing around the world, over 15,000 in the United States. They are making a difference for educational reform, patient- treatment sensitivity and the future of medicine itself.

As Dean of the International Program at UAG, I carry a great responsibility and eagerly meet the challenges set before me. Join us and become an integral part of ongoing history.


Ricardo del Castillo Ruano

Dean of the International Program

School of Medicine

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