A world of options in the heart of Mexico.

The 10th largest city in all of Latin America. This is where centuries-old cathedrals, mansions, palaces, and basilicas share the skyline with clean, modern high-rises. Located just hours east of the Pacific coast in the heart of the state of Jalisco, Guadalajara is the birthplace of mariachi music and tequila. Tortas ahogadas, pozole, birria and other iconic Mexican cuisines.

A cultural center in Mexico since 1532, this is home to amazing museums, major film and art festivals, and cultural events that draw international crowds. A city famous for its murals, Guadalajara has been called the Florence of Mexico. There’s even a flourishing information technology sector here. Maybe you’ve heard, the city has been called the “Silicon Valley of Mexico.”

In other words, this place is so much more than you’d expect. Safe, friendly, colorful, and exciting. You should come for a visit. Feel the buzz in the air. And experience the warmth and optimism of the people here. This is just one of those places that needs to be experienced to be understood.


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