Serious learning starts right away. In their first two years we’ll immerse them in the basics. Anatomy, cell and molecular biology. Ethics and pathology. Neuroscience, immunology, epidemiology and so much more. They’ll get all the foundational knowledge that they’ll need to pass the USMLE Step 1.

Unlike at the great majority of medical schools, students begin working with patients immediately. Often within the first week, through our award-winning clinic program that’s been providing quality medical care to local underserved communities. At UAG, students don’t just learn through rigorous instruction, study and labs. They’ll learn by seeing and doing, too.

Two years of basic sciences in Mexico

Below you will see a breakdown of our curriculum by semester:

  • First Semester – Essentials of Medicine I & Cardiovascular I – Respiratory I– Renal Systems I
  • Second Semester – Gastrointestinal – Endocrine –Reproductive systems – Musculoskeletal & Neuroscience Medicine
  • Third Semester – Essentials of Medicine II & Cardiovascular II– Respiratory II– Renal Systems II – Neuroscience Medicine
  • Fourth Semester – Gastrointestinal II– Endocrine II–Reproductive systems II & Cancer and Palliative Care

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