In years three and four all the studying, practicing and researching will be nearly 100% experiential. And they’ll be ready for it. Because by the time they begin their fifth semester, they’ll have been immersed in medicine, and Spanish, for many years.

They’ll be ready for our clinical campus, our teaching hospital, and our affiliated hospitals. Real hospitals, with real patients. They’ll be ready to take on everything leading up to their USMLE 2, and getting their medical degree. They’ll be ready to learn through seeing and actually doing. And doing and doing.

Two clinical years which can be done in Mexico, U.S. or Puerto Rico, U.S.

  • Fifth & Sixth Semester – Core Clinical Clerkships Rotations
  • Seventh & Eighth Semester – Elective Core Clerkships Rotations

UAG has over 20 affiliated hospitals in the US and PR and there are over 100 hospitals in Mexico.

For a list of hospitals click here.

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